As this is an academic blog let me first describe my academic background, and why I am still doing this blog:

I have a Master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh in 18th Century Culture History, I worked for a time as a research assistant (at the same university) on a project examining the eighteenth century bookseller Andrew Millar, and I have been accepted into a PhD programme (at the same university) in History of Medicine examining medical education during the nineteenth century. It’s all very exciting and I’m keen to get started on my PhD but the thing is that I haven’t been able to secure any funding… which means that if you do decide to read this blog as I continue to write it, it will be rife with funding woes and hopeful anecdotes.

The Tagalong Historian blog has gone through a couple iterations, but has always retained its footing in matters academic, and I do intend to keep it that way. If you want to read something perhaps a little more fun, not that I fancy myself one of those dry academic writers just that creative writing appeals to a greater audience, my other blog is jonathancrowderesq.com. And, as with just about everything in my life, it has 18th/19th century flavour and flourish – think Georgian gentleman meets online dating. The Tagalong Historian is kind of the opposite: modern girl ponders eighteenth and nineteenth century ideas and attempts to find money to further pursue this interest.


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  1. Doug Dumm · ·

    Thanks Katie….this is a good introduction to what you are doing.

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