Monthly Archives: May 2014

Map Library Madness

Things are slow in the research world. I feel a bit like I’ve been trying to swim through hummus, where every little task takes so much more effort than anticipated. I’m attempting to compile a checklist of maps that Andrew Millar was involved in either commissioning or selling… This doesn’t sound that difficult but really, […]

Andrew Millar: An Introduction

My first task as a research assistant was to go through the microfilm of the Records of the Worshipful Company of Stationers (1554-1920) and find all of the publications that Andrew Millar owned copyright to, and create a spreadsheet with the information from that combined with information available on the English Short Title Catalogue, the […]

An Epistle to my Dear Readers concerning some matters personal and professional

My Dearest Readers, Perhaps an explanation for my long absence is necessary. The final few months of grad school were pretty intense and I worked extremely hard. My academic internship was over and I let the blog slide into near oblivion as I focused on my dissertation. I was examining disputes among medical professionals at […]