End of an Era

Rather unexpectedly today was my last day as intern at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh’s Sibbald Library. I’m a little sad about it! I have long since fulfilled the minimum course requirement of 14 days, and have two amazing projects under my belt, and there is simply nothing else for me to do. What a shame! I will still be going there frequently because my dissertation is completely bound up with the history of the RCPE, and this makes me happy. I have taken on the role of unofficial Sibbald spokesperson for University of Edinburgh history grad students and so far have turned two classmate/friends on to material in the library’s archives. This also makes me happy. The more people know about and go to the library the stronger its position in the community is, and the better the chances of it lasting another 300+ years.

I guess this semester really is wrapping up. And just as I’m hitting my stride as a grad student! Ah well, there’s always a PhD. Sooner or later you’ll be reading blog posts by Dr. Dumm.

Conducting research at the RCPE in my free time.

Conducting research at the RCPE in my free time.


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  1. Nimmy Dumm · ·

    I’m so proud of everything you’re doing, future Dr. Dumm!

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