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Sibbald Library Internship Report, 2012-2013

Here it is, the final product of my internship at the Sibbald Library. Sibbald Library Internship Report_Katie Dumm   I’ll leave you, for now, with this parting shot of the entrance to the Physicians Hall at 9 Queen Street, Edinburgh. Advertisements

End of an Era

Rather unexpectedly today was my last day as intern at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh’s Sibbald Library. I’m a little sad about it! I have long since fulfilled the minimum course requirement of 14 days, and have two amazing projects under my belt, and there is simply nothing else for me to do. […]

The Minutes and Me; or, Another Day of Research

Research. That one word precisely sums up everything I did at the Sibbald Library today. I went back over some of the minutes, as I said I would in my last post, and then finished typing up my notes for Iain to use in a paper he’s presenting at the International Cullen Symposium in April. […]

A Multitude of Minutes

I spent the entire day on Friday going through minutes from RCPE meetings from the mid to late 18th century – all the years Cullen was a Fellow of the RCPE. There were several meetings each year and some of the entries are pages and pages long while some are just part of a page. […]

Enter Stage Left: William Cullen

With the cane project basically complete I was set to begin researching the large collection of busts that the College has. These busts are mostly of presidents of the RCPE from the 18th and 19th centuries, with the odd RCPE Fellow thrown in, as well as a few classical figures. However, that is a massive […]

Research Project Abstract

An event that has proved endlessly interesting to me occurred in 1793, not far from the flat I now let. Two fellows of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE) got into a row on High Street. If you have perused this blog at all you will have seen bits about the event and […]