Back to Business

I went back to Sibbald after about a month away for winter break. It has become one of my favorite places in the city and I didn’t realize how I’d missed it till I was there again.

I spent some time working out a new way for some of the canes to be more permanently displayed. I narrowed it down to just three canes (!), planned out how I want the case to look, and wrote out labels. My first attempt at the labels left them much too long, but Iain gave me some good advice that really helped me shorten them and keep them interesting to non-historians. Next week I’ll set up the new display. Photos will be forthcoming. Oh, and I got my photo situation sorted out here at home, so I will hopefully be able to get some good shots of the RCPE Physicians Hall for the blog soon.

After I finished planning the display I spent some time on personal research. I’ve spent enough time at the Sibbald Library over the last few months that I wanted to get to know the place a little better, and how I do that about any place is by learning about its history. My desire to learn more about the RCPE and the Sibbald Library in particular also dovetails nicely into a project I want to do for my MSc program, which includes giving my classmates and tutor a tour of the building in a couple weeks.

This post used to include a history lesson on the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh and their precious Sibbald Library, but it was so long I decided to break it into two. Now see A Brief History of where the Sibbald Library Books have been Housed.


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