Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Brief History of Where the Sibbald Library Books have been Housed

Okay, now the history lesson. The first petition to gain a royal charter for the creation of a Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh (RCPE) was presented to king James VI & I in 1617, but it did not gain approval. This happened again in 1630 and yet again in 1656. It wasn’t until 1681 […]

Back to Business

I went back to Sibbald after about a month away for winter break. It has become one of my favorite places in the city and I didn’t realize how I’d missed it till I was there again. I spent some time working out a new way for some of the canes to be more permanently […]

Once more with the cane thrashing

I’ve been on break from university, and while I’d like to say I’ve been very focused and productive, circumstances have not allowed me to take full advantage of the time away. However, I have been trying to get to as many of the museums around the city as I can. Yesterday, Hogmanay here in Edinburgh, […]