Legitimate Intern Tasks

Today I scanned things to save to the server. Nothing spectacular, a bunch of photos from the 90s and a 1923 report on preventing rickets in babies. But you know, I really didn’t mind. It’s all part of working in a library. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I had to get each page just right and ended up nearly doubling my work because if I checked something on the server and it looked bad I’d re-do it. I feel lucky that I’m not spending my entire internship scanning. There was an intern for a summer at my old job and, poor girl, I seriously think the only thing I ever saw her doing was scanning. I only saw her out of the context of the copier once, and I didn’t recognize her at first.

I also did a little personal research, and came across this gem from a book printed in 1750 by Dr. George Cheyne, the leading proponent of vegetarianism in the eighteenth century.

382042_10151331662120399_649425605_nTo paraphrase something Estela said, it makes me feel lucky to live in this particular moment in time.


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