Monthly Archives: November 2012

Just another day at the Library

Yesterday I gathered books for display in the exhibit, chose pages to have the books open to, and wrote descriptions. Doesn’t sound like much but it took hours. I found that what I thought were letters between the two physicians involved in the “cane thrashing” as I like to refer to it, were actually pamphlets […]

SIbbald Library Bliss

I have two weeks worth of Sibbald updates to write about here. Last week my internship was postponed from Tuesday to Friday due to a computer issue (namely, that they only have one computer that I can use and someone else was on it.) But I didn’t mind and when I went in on Friday […]

What’s the value of editions?

I love this little ramble my classmate Carl wrote about different editions of some of Hume’s essays. It really fits into my idea about experiencing history. What’s the value of editions?.

Experiencing Historic Literature

One of the classes I am taking is entirely devoted to the 18th Century novel Clarissa, or, The History of a Young Lady, by Samuel Richardson, published by the author in installments from 1747-1748. At over a million words it is perhaps the longest novel written in the English language, written as an epistolary novel, meaning […]

Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Sword

Look! It’s me holding Bonnie Prince Charlie’s sword! Our MSc core course got a behind-the-scenes class at the National Museum of Scotland. Besides this amazing sword, we also got to ogle an assortment of 18th Century items, including the second oldest teapot in Scotland. It was a fantastic morning. Thanks Kelly for taking some great pictures!

Sibbald Library, Day One

Yesterday was the first day of my internship at Sibbald Library in the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh (RCPE). It was amazing! Not only are the building and book collection stunning, but the collection of historic medical equipment is impressive, and I have a feeling that only a tiny portion of it is displayed. Unfortunately […]

A Comedy of Red Tape, Resulting in A New Venture

I was so looking forward to interning at National Archives Scotland. But here’s what happened: First I had to fill out a form for Disclosure Scotland, which is a bit odd because I, as well as everyone I spoke with, was under the impression that this was a background check for people who would be […]