National Archives Internship Introduction, briefly.

I just met with the gentle scholars at the National Archives Scotland, where I’ll be doing my internship. My task will involve transcribing paper catalogues of collections and individual works of art into an online database which will be searchable, including cross-references. Sounds fun! I will need to use discretion and my own judgement when transcribing, so despite the very “cut and paste” nature of the work my brain will be engaged, which I am extremely glad for. It will also involve a bit of paleography, but most of the writing dates back only as far as the 18th Century, which I can handle no problem. Unfortunately I can’t move forward with the internship until I get a background check from Disclosure Scotland, which I’ve heard can take up to a few weeks. Here’s hoping I navigate the bureaucracy quickly! Hm, I may have just jinxed myself in saying that…

I will be stationed in an office in the beautiful old General Register building at the east end of Princes Street, a five minute walk from my flat. The office is a perfect jumble of paperwork, archival records and computers, and has a large window that looks out over the Wellington Monument and the busy intersection of North Bridge and Princes Street. As I’ll be spending a lot of time in there alone it will be nice to be able to see all the lively city-happenings right out my window.

I’m keen, but I need to hold my horses until I can get the disclosure done. Patience.

National Archives Scotland (Photo credit:, 2012)



  1. Katie ….. and you’re working in one of the most prominent of Robert Adam’s public buildings in Scotland – the other is Old College of the University though the huge dome isn’t the one he designed but one that someone else designed after Adam’s death,.

  2. Aah! I love how it’s all so intertwined here in Edinburgh!

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