Monthly Archives: October 2012

Research Paper Abstract

Update: I have changed my research paper. See the new abstract below. At the end of the semester I will be submitting a short research paper for the core course of my MSc programme. I have chosen a series of engravings for it to be based on. As the old idiom states, a picture is worth […]

Experimental History

I’m always going on about the *experience* of history, because as a cultural historian I think it’s an important part of historical inquiry – trying to understand what it was to exist in another time. One of the ways I’m attempting to experience the past is through learning 18th Century penmanship, which involves a quill […]

National Archives Internship Introduction, briefly.

I just met with the gentle scholars at the National Archives Scotland, where I’ll be doing my internship. My task will involve transcribing paper catalogues of collections and individual works of art into an online database which will be searchable, including cross-references. Sounds fun! I will need to use discretion and my own judgement when […]

Interlude: A Perspective into Art History via Hogarth

This is a post about a brief presentation I did for the core class of my programme, 18th Century Cultural History: Historiography and Archival Methods. I was to interrogate a portrait from the 18th Century as an Art Historian. I chose a satirical portrait of the poet Charles Churchill; an etching by William Hogarth entitled The […]

Change of Heart

Well, this is so long to the Newhaiels House for me. I met with Dr. Joe Rock on Tuesday, who was my point of contact for the Newhailes project, and he agrees that I need to do something that will benefit my education more than the Newhailes internship had to offer. Joe really is a […]