Apologies. It’s been ages since I’ve posted, and the reasons are not very numerous or interesting… largely, I suppose, winter has got me down and there’s nothing academic happening in my life at the moment. I read, I write, I fret, I peddle toys at my dreadful temporary job. In short, I languish. Late in […]

Well, I won’t say that my internship was a¬†smashing success, but it was enjoyable and I was able to make a real contribution to the project. Problems arose around the amount of work I was allowed to do per week based on how much I was getting paid, which was not much, leading to there […]

Things are slow in the research world. I feel a bit like I’ve been trying to swim through hummus, where every little task takes so much more effort than anticipated. I’m attempting to compile a checklist of maps that Andrew Millar was involved in either commissioning or selling… This doesn’t sound that difficult but really, […]

My first task as a research assistant was to go through the microfilm of the Records of the Worshipful Company of Stationers (1554-1920) and find all of the publications that Andrew Millar owned copyright to, and create a spreadsheet with the information from that combined with information available on the English Short Title Catalogue, the […]

My Dearest Readers, Perhaps an explanation for my long absence is necessary. The final few months of grad school were pretty intense and I worked extremely hard. My academic internship was over and I let the blog slide into near oblivion as I focused on my dissertation. I was examining disputes among medical professionals at […]

Turned to Stone: The Case of the Unusual Skeleton. A fantastic piece of medical culture history, and one that has inspired me to up my game on my blog.

Summer wears on and the dissertation is constantly a work in progress. I am about half way done at this point, though I woke up in the middle of the night last night to a feeling of dread as the words ‘it’s almost the end of June’ floated through my mind. The project has taken […]